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The Busy Mom Wish List

(*This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure page for more details*)

Just in time for Christmas shopping, here's a list of items you can get for the busy mom in your life or if YOU are the busy mom just forward this to your hubby, family or friends so they can have ideas on what to buy for you!

1. Travel mug - My favourite travel mug has been the Contigo Travel Mug with handle. When you're constantly on the go, having the coffee to go with you is a necessity. This mug is thermal and won't spill. But the BEST part of this mug is the handle with a clip for attaching it to your purse or diaper bag. Bonus! Check it out here.

2. Mom Apron - I have this one on my wish list. I'm usually not an apron kinda girl, but lately I am finding that I need to just get one and save my clothes!

Click here to see this and other options for moms!

3. Books - If mom likes reading, it's just good sense to buy her a book. I have just finished reading this book from Heidi St John and it is super encouraging to a mom of faith. Highly recommended!

It also comes with a matching study book.

4. Kindle E-Reader - If you're like me, I love reading books... the physical turn-the-pages kinda book. But with the kids around, it's been hard to find time to sit and read during the day. I usually read late at night before bed, but that requires a lamp - which I do not have. Reading on a kindle is easy to have in bed with you and you can adjust the lighting on there so it doesn't hurt your eyes in the dark. So, while I wait for those days of reading the physical books again, the e-books are the way to go right now.

5. Huggies Clutch - every mom needs one of these in her purse. I can't tell you the amount of times that I've needed a wipe while out and about with the kids. This is super handy and a lifesaver when messes show up.

6. Beyond Blessed Planner - Check out this printable planner from They Call Me Blessed. You can get dated or undated and it's chock full of beautiful pages to help organize your life from meal planning to daily chores all with the theme of going from stressed to blessed. Good idea? It's a great idea! I've got my copy already!

7. Cleaning services. Ah! To have a maid! That would be the life. It's not in our budget unfortunately but hey, if you got the extra income and can afford to treat mom to a week off, go for it! (or maybe get the rest of the family to pitch in and give her a coupon for a free house cleaning) Either way, she'll love the idea.

Find a FREE coupon printable on my Freebies Page!

8. Spa day! Groupon is great for ideas like this. Treat mom to a day at the spa, or if it's not in the budget buy her a favourite bubble bath, take the kids out and let her relax in the tub for a while. She'll thank you for it!

Whatever you buy or whatever you do, always remember to say thank you!

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