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Happy Birthday, Jesus!

This Christmas I've been focusing on teaching my two boys about the true meaning of Christmas. We've been doing some advent scriptures from Focus on the Family since December 1st, but we've also been learning about origin stories of St Nick and Christmas trees and how Christmas came to be on December 25th. It's such a magical time, and easy to lose focus sometimes - so I want to keep them grounded while still having an honest appreciation for the Christmas traditions we uphold as a family.

My favourite tradition is decorating my tree. It has a special place in my heart and I've been fortunate to share it with my best friends each year. What are your favourite traditions this time around? I'd love to hear them! We've also been baking and doing Christmas crafts throughout the month and, of course, watching Christmas movies!

Part of our traditions also include acknowledging the birthday of Jesus on Christmas Day. He gets the honour of receiving the first gift Christmas morning - because it's His day after all!

Jesus' Birthday Gift

It's a simple creation to represent the gifts that were given to Him; gold, frankincense and myrrh. We will sit and read the scriptures and what each gifts represent. Then - we will sing Happy Birthday! AND THEN - we can open the other gifts.

My prayer is that you and your family can come together this season and truly celebrate the reason for the season. Whatever you do, invite Jesus into the celebrations and enjoy your time together with your families. Life is hectic, troublesome at times and sometimes hard to find joy in the middle of the hard times. But I'm praying that the One who we celebrate this Christmas brings the joy and peace that He came to deliver.

Merry Christmas!

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