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A Healthier Momma

I made the decision a few months ago to start taking care of myself. Taking care of my spiritual needs was indeed a challenge with kids, but I tended to neglect the physical side of things. I wasn't eating bad stuff, but my eating habits weren't good. And I ate, emotionally. Combined with not sleeping enough, I could start to feel the toll on my body. I wasn't able to get through the days without a "pick-me-up" or being quite irritated because quite frankly I wasn't properly fueling myself to keep going.

Then I got sick, went through two months of doctors appointments and tests. But now, I'm back on track to take care of myself. It's so important (and I need to remind myself daily) that if I don't take care of myself, I suffer, and so does my family. I'm no good to anyone if I can't function at 100%.

BUT - that's easier said than done. Especially with kids.

I needed a program to help.

The Ultimate Portion Fix Plan

Beachbody to the rescue!

I signed up for the Portion Fix Plan and I've been daily logging in (there's an app for that!) to keep track of my customized plan that tells me exactly what to eat AND how much to eat of it. The portion control is so key! I'm actually eating a balanced diet! AND I don't have to stand there measuring. The portion containers just need to be filled and go. So easy!! Yes, I'm loving the program. It was worth the investment for a healthier me. I've quickly realized that I've been overeating without realizing it. Especially on the carbs! (I love rice!) Did I mention emotional eating? Yup, another way I used to overeat too.

It's only been a few weeks so far, but my energy levels have increased and I've lost 5 pounds already. While losing weight is a goal of mine, I've been really excited about establishing a healthy eating lifestyle. By doing this, I can also set the tone for the rest of the family. When your kids see you eating all those great veggies, they start to want to eat them too! My kids are asking for veggies on the side now! #momwin!

It's not enough for me to just lose the weight, I want to keep it off. I've had an ongoing issue with sugar levels in my body so it's so important to me to

1. Fuel my body properly

2. Keep the weight off to reduce the chances of diabetes and other issues that could happen. I've also had low iron at times and thyroid issues. All due to improper nutrition.

With Beachbody, there are tons of exercises available so you can find something that works for you. Let me tell you, I'm no athlete! But the ones I've started are fun and easy to follow, but they are challenging enough to feel the burn and not over-work yourself - perfect for a momma like me! The other great thing is that I have a certified coach who is always there for those questions on nutrition and workouts and just plain encouragement. So I have accountability. Another key to success!

And you know what else I've noticed? While there are no major restrictions (you can pretty much eat what you want - in moderation of course) I have found that when I want to "treat" myself to the less healthy stuff, I actually don't enjoy it or don't even want to finish it. When you train your body to eat the good stuff, you don't crave the bad stuff. Cool, huh?

So, I'm obviously just beginning. But I'm already seeing results. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Stay tuned for me sharing any tips and recipes that I learn (and you know I'm going to be looking for those quick and easy ones!).

Are you wondering if you should maybe change your habits for a healthier lifestyle? Let me know. I want to encourage you too!

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Gail Morrison
Gail Morrison
23 de jul. de 2019

So happy for you! 👍

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